Solar Storage Battery Sales & Installation

Do you want to improve the solar power efficiency in your residential and commercial property? If yes, Silicon Solar is here to help you out. We specialise in solar storage battery sales and installation in Victoria, to keep your property powered on even in cloudy weather and power blackouts.

No matter, how much capacity of solar system you have installed in your property, we have a catalogue of storage batteries to accommodate all your energy needs.

How A Solar Battery System Works?

When a household’s energy needs exceed what the solar panels can produce at a time, the energy stored in a solar-battery system is utilised. This stored energy in batteries acts as a backup to power a home and makes sure you won’t have to rely on grid energy.

Since energy is produced by solar panels only during the day, the excess generated one is stored in a battery for use at a later time. With no solar batteries, extra energy produced from solar panels is returned to the grid.

Battery Storage Options Are Available

Sungrow Battery

Alpa Battery


LG Chem Battery

Growatt Battery

Goodwee Battery


Industry-leading Storage Battery Brands To Choose From

At Silicon Solar, we stock only the highest quality of batteries from brands you can rely on. Our solar battery installers in Victoria happily guide you in choosing the best battery for your solar system. Some of the leading brands we accommodate include:

  • Tesla Powerall
  • Growatt
  • Sungrow
  • Alpha ESS
  • Good WE
  • LG Chem
  • Sonnen Batterie
  • Energizer Home Power
  • Eveready Energy Vault
  • Hive Solar Batteries

With solar battery installation in Victoria, you can become self-sufficient in terms of energy generation, significantly reduce electricity costs, and maintain power during blackouts.

How Solar Batteries Provide Power Backup?

Solar panels use solar energy from the sun to produce electricity, which is stored in solar batteries. After this, the Direct Current (DC) electricity from solar batteries is converted into Alternating Current (AC) for usage.
Extra solar energy from the day is stored in solar batteries for usage at night. The electric power grid will only ever be necessary as a last option.

Benefits Of Storage Battery Installation

  • Saves long-term money
  • Reduces dependence on grid
  • Empowers green energy
  • Ensures power backup
  • Adds value to a property
  • Is a long-term investment

Since storage battery installation in Victoria offers a wide range of energy and money savings benefit, it is probably the best bet you can invest in. If you are planning to buy and install a solar storage battery, Silicon Solar is right here to assist you at every step of the way.


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