Fully Installed 6.6 KW Solar with 5 kw Inverter

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Solar Panel Installation Services in Truganina

Silicon Solar: Approved sellers of residential and commercial solar systems

Residents and businesses can switch to solar power  quickly and without any hassle. Silicon Solar are approved installers for Solar PV systems in all over Australia including Truganina. We provide immense benefits to our customers don’t give  a second thought for making the switch to solar power. Here are few reasons why you should call Silicon Solar if you want to buy Solar PV system in Truganina.

  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated company.
  • We conduct detailed audit before providing the solar quote.
  • You need not worry about the hassles of approval process from different departments. We got you covered.
  • Accredited installation and getting site inspection done is our responsibility when you buy Solar system from us
  • We will help you thoroughly in getting grid connection.
  • Round the clock customer care facility available.
  • Clean Energy Council approved Solar retailer.
  • Competitive prices. Various options available to choose the solar system according to your budget.

Avail Solar Victoria rebates on Solar Systems for your home and office

Here’s why switching to solar power is the best decision for residents and businesses of Truganina

  • Enjoy Huge Savings on Electricity Bills

Solar PV system installed at your rooftop, will help you generate free electricity for an average 25-year lifecycle. You can minimise your electricity bills by a large fraction to zero depending on the capacity of your solar system.

  • One Time Investment that gives big returns

Solar PV system seems like a big expense to many, which is why they hesitate to switch to solar power. But it is not true. Buying a Solar PV system for your home or commercial space is not an expense but a high-returns giving investment. Within few years you will offset the expense by saving on  electricity bills. Australia receives plenty of sun all through the year which makes it Solar Power friendly nation. Like any Australian suburb, Truganina’s residents and businesses should make a smart choice by choosing solar power.

residential solar panels Truganina
commercial solar panels Truganina
  • Australians troubled by rising Electricity Bills

If you are living in any suburb of Australia, like Truganina, you must have faced the horror of huge utility bills year after year. If you switch to solar power, you wouldn’t have to worry about rising electricity bills.

  • A property with Solar PV system installed sells quickly and at high value

Residential properties or Commercial properties that have solar energy systems installed have higher values. On the top of it, they get sold easily as people in Australia prefer solar powered homes and offices.  Home buyers in Australia are increasingly becoming more informed about the advantages of solar power, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

  • Make Australia Fossil fuel energy free

Electricity is predominantly generated from Coal in Australia, which is polluting and non-renewable form of energy. Whereas, sun is a near-infinite source of energy and is 100 percent pollution free. Solar power has the potential to make Australia energy independent and achieve Clean Energy goals. Join our hands to reduce Australia’s reliance on coal.

Awesome deals on Solar panels are waiting for you!

Our process

  1. Consult us via phone or in person
  2. Quote Acceptance: Once you accept the quote, we check if you’re eligible for solar panel rebate. If you are eligible for the rebate, we send your quote to Solar Victoria and help you with the application process.
  3. Rebate Application: (Only for rebate customers) Once Solar Victoria sends the notification of approval of rebate, we inform you to book for installation.
  4. After the payment is made, we arrange for your compliance inspection.
  5. Once you are issued a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) after successful compliance inspection, we will inform an external Licensed Electrical Inspector from Energy Safe Victoria to carry out an inspection on the system. This is an independent inspection, so the person from Energy Safe Victoria will contact you on his own.
  6. After you receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES), your grid connection application will be sent by us to your electricity retailer and we will CC you in this email. Electricity retailer will contact you shortly for final confirmation of your solar connection.

Our Products

5KW Solar System

Best Solar Solution for your house and sole traders.


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6.6KW Solar System

Perfectly suited for large families and small businesses.


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10KW Solar System

Very Reliable, Efficient setup, and upgradable in future.


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Hybrid Solar

Minimize your power bills and let you control your electricity.


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25KW Solar System

Let you enough power to run Industry very efficiently.


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50KW Solar System

Enough power to run large warehouses or big complexes.


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100KW Solar System

Solar system that can run largest companies in the country.


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