Fully Installed 6.6 KW Solar with 5 kw Inverter

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Residential & Commercial Solar Panels in Tarneit

Solar powered systems are gaining worldwide recognition as they significantly help in reducing the carbon footprint and dependence on renewable sources of energy. If you are planning to install new solar panels, Silicon Solar is here to assist you. We specialize in residential and commercial solar panel installation in Tarneit that utilizes direct sunlight to convert it into energy.

With thousands of homes already relying on solar energy, the number of residents making the switch are increasing at a faster pace. Also, the cost of designing and installing rooftop solar panels has significantly decreased over time that has influenced more families to go solar.

residential solar panels Tarneit
commercial solar panels Tarneit

Benefit From Our Solar Panel Services

Relying on solar energy means utilizing a cleaner and greener renewable energy source that is environment friendly and does not produce any emissions. At Silicon Solar, we are helping both families and businesses in paving the way for a greener future with:

  • Residential Solar Panel Installation
  • Commercial Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance
  • Rooftop Solar System Installation
  • Ground Solar System Installation
  • Hybrid Solar Panel Installation

With years of experience in the industry, we are offering the best solar panels in Tarneit. We utilize only the highest-grade materials and hire qualified solar technicians who are capable of installing almost any size or capacity of solar powered system.

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Why Are We Different From Others?

As one of the leading solar panel companies in Tarneit, you can trust us for quality and efficient solar panel installation. By choosing our services, you can take advantage of land positioning, reduce the reliance on electricity mains and get access to solar powered systems that last for years to come. Our transparent and honest pricing saves you with money right from the beginning to the end. We are:

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Accredited Installers
  • Skilled & Trained
  • Compliance Focused
  • Reliable & Trustworthy
  • Expert in Industry

Not only this, our solar panel installers in Tarneit assist with other solar system services, including but not limited to system size and design, installation, servicing, repair, maintenance, and after-sale services.

solar panel installation Tarneit

Our Products

5KW Solar System

Best Solar Solution for your house and sole traders.


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6.6KW Solar System

Perfectly suited for large families and small businesses.


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10KW Solar System

Very Reliable, Efficient setup, and upgradable in future.


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Hybrid Solar

Minimize your power bills and let you control your electricity.


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25KW Solar System

Let you enough power to run Industry very efficiently.


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50KW Solar System

Enough power to run large warehouses or big complexes.


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100KW Solar System

Solar system that can run largest companies in the country.


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Planning to make a switch to solar?