Fully Installed 6.6 KW Solar with 5 kw Inverter

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Residential & Commercial Solar Panels in Pakenham

If you’re looking for the best solar panels in Pakenham, you’ve landed on the right place. Silicon Solar is pleased to offer a wide range of residential and commercial solar panel services to homes and businesses that have decided to preserve non-renewable resources by going solar.

From design to installation and post-installation follow-up support for solar power systems, our licensed solar technicians hold years of experience and skills in providing a cost-effective solar panel installation in Pakenham that not only saves you with money on energy bills but also helps in making Australia greener.

residential solar panels pakenham
commercial solar panels pakenham

What We Do?

With an unrivalled commitment to quality, homes and businesses can rely on Silicon Solar for their needs of going solar. From rooftop panels to ground laid solar systems, our solar panel installers in Pakenham can design and install an efficient solar powered system that ensures minimal energy loss, maximum energy yield, unmatched strength, and longevity. We specialize in:

  • 5 KW Solar Systems
  • 6.6 KW Solar Systems
  • 10 KW Solar Systems
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • 25 KW Solar Systems
  • 50 KW Solar Systems
  • 100 KW Solar Systems

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Why Choose Us For Solar Panels?

Whether you want commercial or residential solar panel installation in Pakenham, we provide quality services that bring high returns on investment and save you with expensive repair and maintenance costs. By going solar, you not only play your part in reducing the Carbon footprint, but can also improve the resale value of your property. If you are looking for reliable solar panel companies in Pakenham, rely on us for high quality installation and maintenance service for all sized solar powered systems.

Our team is trained with the latest tricks and techniques of the solar industry and meets the compliance standards in every solar panel project we undertake. Some benefits of going solar with us include:

Licensed &Insured Installers

Cost Savings &Better ROI

Meets Compliance Standards

Affordable Installation Costs

Solar Panel Rebates Available

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Products

5KW Solar System

Best Solar Solution for your house and sole traders.


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6.6KW Solar System

Perfectly suited for large families and small businesses.


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10KW Solar System

Very Reliable, Efficient setup, and upgradable in future.


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Hybrid Solar

Minimize your power bills and let you control your electricity.


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25KW Solar System

Let you enough power to run Industry very efficiently.


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50KW Solar System

Enough power to run large warehouses or big complexes.


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100KW Solar System

Solar system that can run largest companies in the country.


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Planning to make a switch to solar?