Fully Installed 6.6 KW Solar with 5 kw Inverter

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Quality Solar Panel Installation In Clyde

Planning to switch to solar energy? It is a renewable green energy source involving solar panel technology powered by the direct sunlight that we have for years. These panels absorb the sunlight and with the help of solar-based inverters and batteries produce electricity to meet day-to-day energy requirements.

At Silicon Solar, we specialise in high quality solar panel installation in Clyde for residential and commercial clients. From 5KW to 100KW, our team is well versed in installing all sizes of solar powered systems with unmatched efficiency and attention to detail. We oversee the entire process and take care of every detail, from HOA approval to permitting and maintenance.

residential solar panels Clyde
commercial solar panels Clyde

Our Installation Process

With a team of trained solar panel installers in Clyde, you can rely on us for prompt services at an affordable cost. We are backed by one of the industry’s best professionals and modern equipment to make the entire process pass by as a breeze.

  • Free Consultation & Quote
  • Site Assessment & Permit
  • Solar Panel Design & Installation
  • Follow-up Maintenance

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Why Choose Us?

Silicon Solar is trusted for utilising renewable energy and helping customers in saving money on energy bills with reliable design and installation of the best solar panels in Clyde. For your convenience, our team provides quick and easy consultation over the phone.

We schedule an on-site assessment to take a look at the rooftop or ground where you need to get a solar powered panel installed. Some reasons to choose us are:

  • Licensed & Insured Team
  • High Quality Installation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

No matter, you are in need of residential or commercial solar panels in Clyde, we are here to address your energy needs within your budget.

solar panel installation Clyde

Our Products

5KW Solar System

Best Solar Solution for your house and sole traders.


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6.6KW Solar System

Perfectly suited for large families and small businesses.


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10KW Solar System

Very Reliable, Efficient setup, and upgradable in future.


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Hybrid Solar

Minimize your power bills and let you control your electricity.


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25KW Solar System

Let you enough power to run Industry very efficiently.


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50KW Solar System

Enough power to run large warehouses or big complexes.


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100KW Solar System

Solar system that can run largest companies in the country.


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Planning to make a switch to solar?